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Jane Dougherty Writes

Today I have been doing jobs around the house— a bit of badly-needed cleaning and six months worth of ironing. And I joined Wattpad.

The only reason I can think of (for joining Wattpad; the house was dirty so I know why I did the cleaning) was through a sense that I ought to be doing something vaguely promotional.

The Green Woman is finished and I have a choice of WIP to be getting on with, except that I’m not. I feel guilty about not doing the other, painful and unpleasant part of the author’s job—promoting. It isn’t enough to have written and published the damn books, an author is supposed to convince people to buy them.

I’ve thrashed this out often enough now to have convinced myself that all these spammy activities of rapid fire tweeting and posting buy my book pleas on a thousand FB group pages that…

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