Penultimate Episode of True Blood. As In 2 Episodes Left.

I love the word Penultimate. It means “next to last.”  Antepenultimate is “before the next to last.”  Thanks go out to my 9th grade Spanish teacher (you use those words in figuring out where to place accents).

We are now at the penultimate episode of True Blood.  After next week there will be no more True Blood.  It’s a depressing thought, really.

Have you ever tried explaining the plot of True Blood to someone?  Well, she’s a mind-reading half faery and he’s a vampire. He’s a werewolf and Lala sees ghosts. Witches and politicians and strippers and…the list goes on.  He’s slept with her, she’s slept with him, they were in the orgy (not that orgy, the other one).  Metaphors abound.  “God hates Fangs” and vamps “coming out” are but a few.  Envelopes were pushed to the brink in this groundbreaking series where all bets were off.

What will we do without True Blood? Which show will take its place?

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