The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword, But Social Media Is A Killer

I have a conundrum. 

I want to write a fully researched op-ed piece for the newspaper. If I landed the interview I want I could submit it to the NY Times or LA Times. 

Sounds great, right?

But I’m not going to do it.  I was voted most outspoken in school.  And yet I feel like my voice has been silenced.  Why? Because I know that voicing an opinion that goes against the “popular” opinion (as suggested by CNN, of course) means accepting that I am opening myself up to criticism.  It’s not the criticism I worry about, though.  That’s to be expected.  It’s the vicious attacks that come on social media from uninformed people who like to speak their minds without knowing what they’re talking about.

I don’t mind discussing ideas with people.  I double majored in political science and history.  I like discussions and debates.  But the old adage is true–you can’t argue with stupid. And trying to stand up for your opinion while fending off idiocy is downright draining.

Maybe I’m not writing the piece because I’m lazy. Maybe that’s what it boils down to.  Having to be on the defensive to fend off attacks on social media is just too much of an energy drain.

So for now I’ll remain content just venting to my readers.  I’ll keep pondering this conundrum until the answer presents itself.

To be continued….

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