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This was originally part of Chapter 41 in Canaan that had to do with Fred’s father’s renting a certain farm. The passage was cut because it slowed the pace of the story…


Th’ trouble began about th’ middle of January when old Doc Raye died. That didn’t surprise anybody because Mr. Mac said folks had been callin’ him old Doc Raye for almost 25 years. Dying like he did must’ve been hard for him though, on account of th’ bet he made with Red Bill. Red Bill was old too, and Dad said he was the cussidest guy around and had everything wrong with him but kept on livin’ while lots of younger men…

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  1. Thanks, Sarabeth.

    Red Bill was an adaptation of something similar that actually happened when I was a kid. It spoke to my thoughts on what is apparent, and what is real, when it comes to human behavior. To Samuel’s “Magnolian Idiot” his new warm, comfortable, well fed home was so much less to him than the rough, mean, recluse that he somehow loved, that he preferred death to his absence.

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