Thanks for Sharing Your Life With Us, Robin Williams

We live in a world of instant everything. Instant feedback. Instant success. Instant gratification.

We take everything for granted because we can. 

Why is it that we are shocked and saddened when people we love and care about, that we look up to and admire, pass away suddenly? 
We think of all the things we wish we’d said.  We wish we could have prevented it.  We wish we could have done more.

People, wake up! We need to start giving thanks to the people around us while they are still here. Take nothing for granted. Carpe Diem. Live life to its fullest…but take the time to appreciate the people around you. Let them know they are appreciated and loved.

With the messages of love and support pouring out for Robin Williams, it saddens me that he will not be able to see the impact he has made on the world.  This is the greatest travesty of all.  Perhaps if he had seen the love and support, he would still be with us.  We will never truly know the answer to that, but feeling the love might have made a difference.

So let’s start thanking people. Celebrate the living. Appreciate people all the time. Let no one stand alone.  Let everyone feel loved.

That is what Robin Williams would have wanted.

Thank you, Mr. Williams, for sharing your light with us.  You will be missed.

Bangarang, Peter.


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