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Shecky- Part 1 

This is material I cut from a manuscript used in writing A Far Piece to Canaan. It’s in first person and addressing you is Samuel Zelinsky, the ten year old son of a share cropper. It did not appear in Canaan partly because of pacing, partly because Shecky did not re-appear in the text, and partly to reduce the book’s length. The chapter will appear over three posts. 

I had been promising Fred for some time to get us an inner tube to make slingshots with, but every week something come up that kept Dad and Mom from going to see Isaac and Rose who owned th’ junkyard that had all th’ tires and tubes. Lonnie and LD had their slingshots from th’ year before and Fred was getting’ down in th’ dumps every time we did things with them because we didn’t have anything to…

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