Real Heroes and Good Things From Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is a magical place.  I told a member of the SDCC Board that it’s one of the only places where 200,000 people can congregate and yet you don’t feel worried about personal safety.  Of course, there will always be that 1/10th of 1% of people that can’t maintain (anyone remember the infamous pencil stabbing?)

We nerds are a peaceful folk.  We don’t brawl after panels or battle over who should be seated in the Iron Throne. (Though I once witnessed the makings of an epic clash at a crosswalk where some Vikings and some Game of Thrones cosplayers ran at each other until they met at the middle.  That was fun.)  In spite of the density of the people crammed into the Exhibit Halls and Hall H, good things happen because we’re a special breed of people.

This year there was a story about a man in a superhero costume who gave a $100 bill to a homeless man Downtown.  The homeless man later told the news that he thought the man had done it by mistake and so he tried to chase him down, but it was no mistake.  It was just a good deed.

I was at the Marvel booth when I saw a particularly amazing bit of Good Samaritanism in action.  A girl in an Ant Man costume came up to the giveaway table and the Marvel employee, Lisa Garcia, saw her approach.  “Ant Man, your friends were looking for you!” she called over the masses of people hovering around the booth.  As it turns out, Ant Man thought her phone had been stolen and she had no way to contact her friends.  Her friends knew she’d return at some point to the Marvel booth, so they talked to Lisa.  Lisa had the foresight to get their phone number, so later on when Ant Man returned she could use Lisa’s phone to contact her friends.  And as it turns out, her friends had found her cell phone.  The day was saved after some quick thinking by the amazing Lisa at Marvel.

It was fun being a casual observer to all of this. The fact that Lisa from Marvel even remembered Ant Man after seeing tens of thousands of people all day is amazing.  That she saved Ant Man’s friends’ phone number just proves that she went the extra mile to help.  

This is the magic of Comic Con.  This is why I love being a part of it.



  1. It’s great to see people having fun. There’s not enough fun in the world now. I’ve never been to Comic Con, but I think I’ve seen some people who were attending. Then again, I’m not sure what I was drinking at the time. That said: CONGRATULATIONS COMIC CON ON HAVING A GREAT CONVENTION. COME BACK NEXT YEAR.

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