Daydreaming and its Perils

The 4th of July signals many American traditions. In my household, the tradition that has been around the longest is the Twilight Zone marathon.  

Reflecting on this year’s marathon, I’ve noticed that many episodes deal with the perils of daydreaming.  One man imagines an idyllic world of old, and when his job pressures him to the breaking point, he decides to get off the train into his idyllic world; back in reality, all we know is that he jumped off the train and died instantly.  So much for Willoughby.

I daydream a lot.  I do it all the time.  When I’m driving I even have imagined conversations with people in my daydreams.  I guess the trappings of reality aren’t enough for me.  I get my work done and then I find myself with extra time on my hands.  How better to fill it?

I need to put that same amount of creative energy into my writing.


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