True to the End: Final Season of True Blood

I’m feeling mixed emotions about the season premiere of True Blood tonight. It’s always fun to see what happens after a cliffhanger…but given that this is the final season I don’t want to rush into it.  Before long, it will be over. And I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.

I suppose the burning questions to be answered are who Sookie will end up with, and whether or not Eric survived his sunbathing, amd what will become of Sam and the good citizens of Bon Temps with the crazy hoard of infected vamps bearing down on them.

There are many questions and surely many answers to be found.

I’m not sure Comic Con will be the same without True Blood.  The blood drive has been a huge success because of HBO’s participation. 

Of course, I’ll be watching eagerly tonight.  But there will be a sad undercurrent this season because summer will never be the same again. (Unless there is a spinoff with Pam and Eric. That would be epic)


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