Writing a Book

I’m writing a book.  I have it all mapped out and I’m really excited about it.  I just need to focus.  

I can’t write chronologically.  Even though I have a carefully planned outline that tells me where to go, I can’t sit and write from start to finish.  I get these random ideas that pop into my head and then I have to go with them, even if they belong toward the end of the book.

I also tend to divert my attention when working on the book to things like my journal, Twitter, and my blog.  Like this blog.  Suddenly I’m writing blog posts about trying to work on my book.  

I think these distractions help me, though.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but I think writing of any kind will help me work on the book.  As long as I’m writing, it’s like a break for my brain but it forces my brain to switch gears and go from staunch non-fiction to creative-mode, which helps me get back into the book when I’m ready.  I guess it’s like interval training for a marathon.  Sprint, jog, walk.  Repeat.  (I’m also starting a training session to run a half-marathon in August.  Go figure)

In any case, this little digression has been helpful.  Now back to the book.  🙂


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