Art Bell and Chemtrails

So tonight there is an old Art Bell Coast to Coast AM playing.  I don’t know the original air date and it really doesn’t matter.  What is awesome about it is that he is talking about the abundance of chemtrails that day.  He wonders what it means.  It makes me laugh because he was talking about it way back then (he and my mom, really) and we’re still talking about it today.  And ever since the mysterious snow that won’t melt in Atlanta, it seems like more people are taking notice and listening to Bell’s successors, George Noory and Clive Lewis.

One comment

  1. Heard by George on C2C, that he would like info on any whereabouts of Chemtrails !!! In February I counted 31 Chemtrails from passenger jets landing at B.W.I. airport. Then a little tiny plane, (up higher); but whose trail only traveled a short way behind and then evaporated. The chem-trails however did not evaporate, and just kept spreading wider and wider. You want chemtrails; Baltimore Washington Airport !!! You see these almost all the time, but especially fall through winter. Have been listening to C2C on 680 AM radio, WCBM for at least 12 years now. Listened to you also Art ! Thanks to all of you, for such interesting information ! Paul F. Zechman II On Facebook also.

    I think that the gov. is also using Ultra Sonics and or microwaves on the towers around here, as many people have said that they here high pitched ringing in their e!!!!

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