Saturday Geekery

It’s Saturday.  It’s Doctor Who Day.  Now, as a recapper for Dark Media, I’m very fortunate to get advanced copies of the show.  However, I’ve noticed that some things change from the advance versions to the televised versions, so I try to watch as much as possible before posting.  By the time the recap posts, I’ve already watched the episode several times. 

It looks like we might have time to play a friendly game of Settlers tonight after I help my sister and future brother-in-law with their taxes. 

In watching tonight’s Doctor Who, I’m getting more and more excited about Clara.  She brings a whole new energy to the show that was missing with Amy Pond. 

I’m really looking forward to San Diego Comic Con.  Is that weird?  It’s not for another 3 months.  That means that I have to WAIT for 3 MONTHS.  Sigh.  I have no patience.  I really don’t.  I need to plan.


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