Quickfire Writing

I’m not opposed to technology.  Though I’m 31, I actually did own a typewriter.  Two typewriters, actually.  One was my Fisher Price typewriter from when I was three years old, and later while in junior high school I owned a Brother electric typewriter because my well-meaning family didn’t realize that computers were the way of the future. 

I have recently started writing for www.DarkMedia.com.  I have done everything from reviewing books and graphic novels to recapping television shows like Fringe and True BloodFringe was much easier, because I set out to summaraize the first season and so I watched the episodes on DVD.  True Blood has been more challenging, because I watch the show live and take notes, and then I type up my notes into something more coherent.  My goal is to have the recap posted online by 10pm Pacific Time, which means I have a three-hour window to write and submit my recap.

This past Sunday I sat in Starbucks with my trusty notebook (the cover is red, of course, because it is True Blood, after all) and my even-trustier netbook.  After ordering a black iced tea, unsweetened, and a chocolate chip cookie to make up for the lack of sweetener, I started my attack on the keys.

What amazed me was how fast I could write under the circumstances.  When I’m working on my novel, my mind tends to wander.  When I’m recapping a show, my mind stays on task and my fingers fly over the keys.  After two hours, I had close to 3400 words that came from 8 pages of written notes.

Recapping probably isn’t for everyone.  However, I have noticed that it has changed the way I watch television in that my mind is constantly thinking about how I would summarize a scene.  I feel much more connected to the show.  I have a feeling that it will help me in other areas of my life…even though I don’t know what they might be just yet.

But the second grader deep inside me is smiling, thinking fondly of the 5-minute creative writing exercises we did in class.  Perhaps I was born to be a recapper. 🙂


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